Mike Nozzolio (ESCR)
In July, 2009, Mike Nozzolio voted in favor of the NYS stem cell research fund (ESCR).
If you go to:
then Legislation then New York State Issues you can get a spreadsheet of the Assembly and State Senate right to life voting records. It takes a little digging, but people may find it helpful.
Be sure to slide your mouse to the top on the right on the Senate sheet before you start, because it then tells you whether a Y vote is pro-life or not. When you slide the mouse down on the right, the Y and N information seems to disappear. (You'll see what I mean if you go there.) For the Assembly, be sure you're looking at spread sheet one to see the names.

Sean Hanna - NYS Assembly in the 130th District
Sean Hanna is running for the NYS Assembly in the 130th District. Hanna was a Monroe County Legislator for 8 years, from 1995-2003. He was at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for 4 years, from 2003-2007, where his title was Regional Director. He is an orthodox Catholic, who is a parishoner of Our Lady of Victory. On the 5 non-negotiables, Sean's position is united to Church teaching. He is Pro-life in all its stages - unborn, living and end of life. He is against cloning and embryonic stem cell research - however he is strongly in favor of adult stem cell research. He is in favor of defense of traditional marriage and against gay marriage. He is both an economic and social conservative. He is running on the Republican, Independent and Conservative lines. He was a County Legislator representing Webster for 10 years from 1994 to 2004. He served as the Section Chief for the DEC from 2004 to 2007. He currently serves as attorney for Monroe County.